who we are?
nje is  a South African black-owned and run, Cape Town based private company that manufactures and retails versatile, high-quality and ready-to-wear apparel with a silent-punch style.
Consistent feedback from shoppers of varying shapes and sizes is that our clothing feels as if it were made just for them.  Overwhelmingly, our shoppers have expressed a deep sense of pride in and belonging to, a progressive treasure of heritage when wearing our garments.
Our clients also identify us by: a seamless, timely and exceptional shopping experience from start to finish, outstanding workmanship and a wide variety of unexpected ways to style a single item; making for a longer lifespan in the closet.
how we got started
Over time, and in an admittedly plentiful manufacturing and retail sector, we have seen how our foundational wish for a versatile, minimalist-luxury and subtle cool brand, has transcended into a purpose that has overwhelmingly connected with South Africans, Africans and to a reasonable extent, international shoppers.
We can now confidently and succinctly say that we have built a brand, product and service experience that is founded on “inclusive exclusivity” – a household lifestyle brand belonging to (South) Africans and possessing an exclusive (global) standard of quality, style and appeal.
why the name?
Before our passion as business owners translated into business, the name “nje” perfectly embodied the disciplined freedom, ‘just-as-you-are’ and easy-going stride of our personal style choices and those of our shoppers for all things living-effortlessly-in-style.
Complete with a flair for disciplined-freedom, this South African IsiZulu word meaning “just” or “as is”, was simply ideal.
The unmistakable pigeon reference in our logo was ultimately the perfect symbolic expression of this – a bird found in multiple locations across the world, but whose form and existence we hardly ever question no matter where we are. It just is. nje!
what sets us apart
Shoppers have a wide range of options for clothing both locally and internationally, at reasonable value for what they spend.
We can best describe our departure from the rest as an experience that thrusts collectors of our apparel to confidently feel that they embody qualities that talk to a being unique, progressive, subtle-smooth and discerning individual.
It’s also been our experience that many comparable and exciting options with unique design features were impractical; nje garments find a great balance between the unexpected and comfort.
Finally, our clients are always pleasantly surprised by the versatility of our clothing across season, occasion and personal mood; ultimately making for a longer lifespan in the closet.
the team
As co-founders of nje, both of us really enjoy creating an individual garment that with effortless styling can successfully mirror the diverse lifestyle interests a shopper.  But not all of us are privileged to combine various melodies that strike the perfect note! And so we find genuine joy and contentment in seeing how the versatility of a single nje garment allows shoppers to seamlessly style their look, in a unique way from the crowd.
As founder, Miss Bonolo Zwane is a creative with an actuarial and investments academic and professional background. She’s been working in the financial services sector from operational to executive levels for 16 years and is accountable for the company’s financial viability, all garment designs, as well as creative direction and implementation across branding, media and professional shoots .
Banele is a second founder with 14 years’ experience in the retail sector from floor to management level as well as an instinct for selecting wonderful fabrics that are exceptional value for spend as well as for identifying great business opportunities. He is accountable for our in-house manufacturing process from: sourcing fabrics, testing them, creating master patterns for designs, sampling those designs and approving them for ready-to-wear production.  
We are always thinking of interesting and meaningful ways to talk to our clients’ multi-layered preferences. Carrying out our own manufacturing and retailing what we make is often a challenging balance,  however the care, excitement, time and pride in our craft is what we value most about our production team.