what is nje?
nje is a clothing brand and a South African black-owned, boutique-scale enterprise that represents our passion and gift of curating and combining unique and special pieces of clothing.  Our intention is to bring a fun twist to a woman’s authentic and multi-faceted self, with our special offering being the unique versatility of our garments. This is also reflected in our four ranges to suit our client’s variety of preferences: work it, quirky me, multi do and turn up.
why the name?
Before passion translated into business, the word ‘nje’ meaning “just”, “as is”, and “no fuss” in the South African language IsiZulu, was ideal in describing a ‘just-as-you-are’ sense of style no matter the occassion.
The unmistakable pigeon reference in our logo was the perfect symbolic expression of this – a bird found in multiple locations across the world, but whose form and existence we hardly ever question no matter where we are. It just is. Nje!
what sets us apart
Women have a wide range of options for clothing both locally and internationally, at reasonable value for what they spend.
What we often noticed was that many comparable brands, had what we can only best describe as the “This is amazing and unexpected, I love It” phenomenon, but they struggled to translate it into “This is amazing and unexpected, I love it, and I can see myself in it”.
So for the average woman, a lot of the more exciting options with unique design features were impractical. Nje garments find a great balance between the unexpected and comfort.
Finally, our clients are always pleasantly surprised by the versatility of our clothing across season, occasion and personal mood; ultimately making for a longer lifespan in the closet.
the team
As co-founders of nje, both of us really enjoy clothing and styling.
Banele has over 10 years’ experience in the retail sector and an instinct for spotting wonderful fabrics and great opportunities. He handles our production value chain from sourcing fabrics to consulting pattern-makers and managing our service providers.
Bonolo is a creative with an actuarial and investments background. She’s been working in the financial services sector for 13 years and currently looks after all garment designs, branding, styling of photoshoots as well as the financials. 
We are always thinking of interesting and meaningful ways to talk to our clients’ multi-layered preferences. The care, excitement, time and pride in our craft is what we value most about our production team. It is how we succeed in maintaining both the comfort of our fits and the small quirks in our garments.
what inspires us
Most times we ascribe the inspiration of our clothing to our unique sense of style and creativity. In truth, everything around us inspires our items to some degree.
At times it’s from the people we see. Whether they’re deemed ‘fashionable’ or not, even small elements in what they wear could work in interesting and variable ways.
When it comes to our fabric choices, good value for quality is key as well as considering small bug-bears including how certain fabrics move with the body or how they feel on the skin on a really hot day for example.